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Today's content will be about the latest acquisition in my watch collection which, believe it or not, is the Rolex Day-Date 40. ok guys, so before I start getting immediate hate mail about this. Yes, I know you will feel strongly against my original video about the Day-Date 40. I'm going to go forward from the back and say that I still like the 41mm better Day-Date II, but this particular watch caught my eye. Now, I'm not sure if it was the factory baguette dial or the factory bezel, but for some reason it caught my eye and that was enough for me to finally cave and buy the Daydate 40 Gold. It retails for $55,350.

118238 Rolex Day-Date Mens Automatic Champagne Dial With Diamonds

Day-Date President

The Rolex Day-Date President was introduced in 1956 and remains the brand's iconic status watch to this day. Made exclusively of precious metals, few Rolex replica watches can match the prestige, excellence and timelessness of the Rolex President. When Rolex introduced the Day-Date, it was the first watch to include a full date with the day of the week (12 o'clock) and a date window (3 o'clock). Another hallmark of the Rolex Day-Date is the band, officially named the President bracelet. Featuring semi-circular links, the President bracelet is almost as famous as the timepiece itself. True to the Rolex way of labor that has remained constant throughout its history, the brand has added technical improvements and design refinements over the years. Today, we explore the evolution of the famous Rolex Day-Date watch (known simply as the "President").


I was in my 20s when I put my hand on my wrist as a student. Gerard owned the beautiful Rolex replica Day-Date reference 18038 and felt confident enough to lend it to me for a few days. I felt like a king. The watch on the president's bracelet was heavy and matched the tapestry dial in a way that was simply marvelous. But I also felt uncomfortable owning such an expensive all-gold watch at such a young age. In any case, I couldn't buy anything, but the impression I got was twofold. On the one hand, the Rolex Day-Date on the President's bracelet isn't for everyone, as the amount of gold and exposure it generates isn't always positive or popular. On the other hand, it is a super cool watch that immediately makes you feel like you are wearing Rolex's flagship watch. Flagship replica watches worn by movie stars, presidents (President LB Johnson was the first president) and captains of industry. Even if you are not any of them, the association is still impressive. I quickly learned that if I were to buy one, it would be the 18238 or 18239 (white gold).

Day-Date II

I am a fan of the 41mm Day-Date II, and the 1mm in Rolex makes all the difference in the world. And when ... You buy what you want. If you want a 36, that's great. What I'm referring to is that these characters, especially in Miami, make these excuses as to why they should choose the 36mm over the 41mm. Instead of saying bluntly, "I like the 36mm," or "I don't want to spend that much money. A lot of money." Because everyone is laughing. It's not a question. When they come up with these elaborate explanations, like, "Oh, I don't really like the way the 41 is on my wrist." That's not true. What you can see is not "Hey, I'm classic. I like the traditional look of the 36." Having said that, it's kind of like screwing up and thinking I hate 40. I was trying to convey more that I don't understand the reasoning behind downsizing the replica Day-Date 41mm Presidential. Whether you seek a modern white gold reference in 40mm or prefer to stick with the 1803 with a plexiglass crystal, you won't be disappointed. The Rolex Day-Date is an icon, but it may not be for everyone. Not only because of the relatively high price due to the use of precious metals, but also because of its style. I either model, the Rolex replica Day-Date President is a luxury watch that is truly its own. With over six decades of history and countless fans around the world, the legacy of this Rolex icon will last a long time.

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