Imitation TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Special Editions

TAG Heuer has given us 160 years of outstanding service with the launch of the Carrera. A year begins with the limited edition Carrera silver dial. In June, we saw the world of the Carrera Montreal Limited Edition. Now, today it seems that the new imitation TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph 160 Years Old brand has been redesigned. These two new watches are the first limited edition series based on the Carrora Sport Chronograph dedicated to the Heuer 02. and as a tribute to the classic Heuer of the 60s.

Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2014.BA0796 Mens Black Arabic Dial

Special Editions

To celebrate its 160th anniversary on behalf of Heuer, TAG Heuer is not only paying tribute to its long history. This year, the brand has redesigned the Carrera and Carrera Sport chronograph collections together with Heuer 02. The design team commented on the Carrora Sport Chronograph. This new Sport Chronograph seems to have become the latest addition to the classic imitation watches of the old brand. To close this year's festivities, TAG Heuer has combined the past and the present with the new 44m Carrera Sport Chronograph as the basis for the limited edition 1965 Heuer Carrera Dato 45. These new special editions of the Carrera Sport Chronograph 160 Years are inspired by the Heuer Carrera " Dato 45 " of 1965. It is a delightful and inexpensive pocket watch, represented by the caliber Landeron 189. The name " Dato 45 " refers to the small setting 3 hours and 45 minutes but the strangest thing is to set the date of the show at noon. This is something we rarely see. These two new limited editions were made after the original 1965 (i.e. the date at noon). Setting the date to 12 p.m. is great because when the chronograph is not working, the chronograph arrow will be before the date. 1965, TAG Heuer solved this visual challenge with the subtlety of the white dial. That is, at the start of the second of the clock, the date reverts to the 9th position of the evening and therefore does not include the seconds executed by dialing. Therefore, the explanation of a better position is incorrect.


For the special edition of the 160-year-old imitation TAG Heuer Carrera Sport chronograph, TAG Heuer decided to postpone the date to 12:00 p.m. To ensure the date, the brand also used a white date and various red numerals. The main difference from the original Carrera "Dato 45" is that the red hand is used for the chronograph. Which question is the problem: what happens when the story fails and the red hands date? I would like to see at least one photo with a detailed story to understand its impact. On the other hand, these two models are a tribute to the 1965 Carrera "Dato 45", so it will become a collector's item for those who like this feature set.The imitation TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph 160 Special Edition is available in two different versions. The first is a stainless steel version with a soft seal and black clay coating. The dial consists of a black frame with two minutes and one hour, three and nine minutes respectively. The minutes carry a small red dot corresponding to the date, with arrows in chronological order. The third column is a white plate fixed at six o'clock. The second model (also in stainless steel) has a polished blue circle and a blue panel. The stamp shows the time difference between the white minutes and the timers set to 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Since this is the black and white version, the 3-minute store displays small red markers. Eventually, a small number indicating the second constant at the 6:00 PM position remains unchanged and its color is the same as blue. In addition to the date setting and the corresponding color, we have discussed the main differences from the traditional imitation TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph. Both limited edition prints are made of 44 mm stainless steel and incorporate a beautiful varnish and lacquer. As Rob (Rob) points out in his review, the Carrera Sport Chronograph is very large, thanks to its short ears. Both imitation watches come standard with an H bracelet with a wrist strap and are secured with two security buttons.

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